Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tall Dark and Hamster, Chapter 1

OMG Hi everyone! It's me, Aama! I'm really excited to announce that I have finished chapter 1 of my newest novel: Tall, Dark, and Hamster. I hope you like it, because my editor hated it for some reason! But I'm an artist, I must go my own way, follow my own path, beat my own drum. Please leave comments and keep checking for the newest chapter!

It was a dark and sultry night in the city of New York. A beautiful young woman with hair that flowed like a black waterfall on a starry night in an African jungle, and amber raven colored eyes that could see deep into the souls of those daring enough to trust her, was walking down the street. Her long strapless red sequined dress was flowing in the wind of the night. As she took a moment to pull her hair back into a messy but elegant bun, she heard the sound of muffled j-pop emanating from her cute, green and purple polka-dot Gucci purse with silver lace. After rummaging momentarily, she pulled out her sleek, gold, rhinestone encrusted iPhone and saw that she had a new text message from her boyfriend Kryss:

Hay hun sry I hvnt called u bak in a wihle but i thot u shud no I m seing sum1 else. I no ur a modle n all but she a modle 4 nike n thatz way betr then vic secret imo. Ill stop bi 2moro 2 get my stuff.

For a moment, she stood in shock, not able to believe that Kryss would just leave her like that. Sure, their relationship had only been going on for a couple of months before she decided to start her new life in New York City, and sure, he had hit on her mom at Thanksgiving, and yeah, he did send pictures of her in the shower to all of his coworkers at Domino's, but he had explained that “that's just how guys are, Babe.” Kryss must have really cared about her, or he wouldn't have sent her flowers after every modeling shoot, or left cute little notes around her apartment while she was out, or stolen her panties and hair in order to make a realistic replica of herself...

She was startled back into reality by approaching footsteps. She began walking again, assuming that the footsteps would turn off onto one of manhattans cold and ruthless streets, harder and rougher than concrete and meaner than Jennifer Lopez and Perez Hilton combined. But after two blocks, the footsteps were still just a few feet behind her. She didn't dare look back. "It could be a rapist coming to rape me!" she thought to herself. She began to walk faster. The footsteps behind her sped up. She quickly ran into an alley and pressed her slender yet curvaceous body against a wall. She closed her eyes and waited for the footsteps to pass. After a moment, she heard only silence. As she calmed herself, she felt the cool night air blow across her perfectly proportioned and symmetrical face gently, like a sensual woman blowing on a man's ear sensually with the intent to give him a sensual massage and then spend the sensual evening sensually caressing each other's bodies until all of their sensual desires are fulfilled. Sensually. As she began to leave the alley, she was stopped by a young sexy latino man. 

"Oooh, hey baby. Where do you think you're going? We've got a job to do." He said with a malicious wink. He and the thirteen other men who were now behind him cackled gleefully. Then they made coyote noises. "Please don't rape me!" She yelled as she flung herself onto an old mattress. "Ooh, Chica, we're going to do more than that to you..." said the young man. 

"The only person who's going to touch that woman is me..." Said a man who was standing far back in the alley. "Because I'll be saving her." 

"Oooh, you think you're a big man?" Said the latino man. 

"You're mom's a big man." Said the stranger.

The latino man angrily ripped off his tight, white, wife-beater tank top to reveal his large, glistening brown muscles. His gang followed suit, tearing off their shirts and angrily rubbing their hands up and down their heaving, slippery pecks and their rippling washboard stomachs. All of them had treasure trails. Suddenly, a nearby fire hydrant exploded, showering all the men in cool droplets of water. Some of the longer haired latino men threw back their heads to shake their wavy jet black hair out of their eyes, sending a cascade of water onto the other latino men behind them, the beads of water making their way down each curve and valley of their hard, throbbing six packs, and disappearing into the loose fitting waistband of their low-rise jeans.  

The stranger took this opportunity to attack. Suddenly, all that could be seen in the glittering beads of light were hard bodies pressed together, rippling biceps rubbing against each other, the yells and moans of attractive young men being overtaken. In the end, all that remained was a pile of shirtless latinos, heaving in the night breeze. 

The stranger alone was standing. He held his hand out to the woman, who still lay sprawled on the old mattress, and for the first time, she saw his face. His eyes were blue like a waterfall in the Amazon jungle in the spring, and though kind, they had a haunted, troubled look buried deep within. He carelessly brushed a stray piece of sandy blonde hair out of his face and said to her, "My name is Jack. Jack Ironstag." He helped her up.

"Well it's nice to meet you, Jack. My name is Amelia Alliumson. Thank you for saving my life. How can I ever repay you?"

Jack looked long and hard into Amelia's beautiful, amber raven colored eyes which were framed by long voluptuous lashes, and as he did so, he sensed something beneath them that was calling to him, like a lost blue whale calling to it's mate as it swims endlessly through all the oceans that we call the chambers of one's heart. "Well," he said finally, "I do need some help at the pet shop that I own. You wouldn't happen to be looking for work, would you?" Amelia was amazed. "I am! I just moved here today - I don't even have a place to live yet!" "Well, you'll just have to stay in my charming apartment over the shop until you find somewhere more suitable for a classy lady such as yourself." Jack held out his arm, and Amelia took it, and together, they walked off into the night.